The idea for my chessboard come to me after I spent some time thimking about what kind of aesthetic object everyone would like to have in the office or at home.
I knew that whatever I made would have to be a special, unoque object,one that could be personalised, an object that was bouth useful and a pleausure to own. I wanted to make something that expressed, in one unique piece, my love for craftsmanship, for my homeland, for sports and for chess.For years, with the patience and dedication of an alchemist, I studied and worked painstakingly on every detail of this piece. All the materials used, the design, the thermal treatments, the gold-and silver baths....I chose everything on the basis of the highest artistic standards.My signature on the botton of piece guarantees that it is original, authentic and exclusive.My aim was to express my love for what I had created by personalising it with images of A.C.MILAN, F.C.INTERNAZIONALE, VENICE and CANTU'.

All of wich are dear to me.I made the piece even more unique by creating a numbered, limited collection.
There was only name that seemed appropriate:
                           “ The Chessboard of the Heart”.®