The Chessboard of the Heart "Prestige" City of Venice - Limited Collection

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Design Claudio Maspero

Technical featuresBase game Cm 40x40 Height King Cm 7  Base Cm 46x46 Milled for housing Chess  Base of game in solid  Ash, (n.2) Crystals " Float Tempered " ( Extrachiaro , 5 + 5 mm thick tempered ) with logo and colors fused indelibly in the crystal   Pieces of brass work by chip removal ( turned and milled ) and covered with  GOLD 24 kt and SILVER (Option Nikelmatt) Signature pieces to guarantee product quality  Box with logo covered in black fabric  Possibility of applying personalized plate  Collection in limited version and numbered * Supplied with certificate of authenticity

All operations were performed by hand by Emmeci Sas at its headquarters in Cantù ( Co ) -Brianza- using system alone chip removal (turning milling) and high-quality materials , excluding all use of molds or forms

The materials, the workmanship and finish are exclusively of Italian origin , in full respect of the total and 100 % Made in Italy

The frames used for the realization of the true logos, were destroyed, to give uniqueness and prestige to the collection and assurance to the purchaser of " no reply "

Prezzo/Price Euro 1280,00

For info and/or Order +39 3888061321 or mail

(Press the City of Venice)


The Venice City appreciates and chooses the chessboard of the heart.


A logo for Venice: for the first time the utilization of the image of Venice is not going to be an end in itself, but will directly benefit this unique city. Venice needs to be not merely preserved but revitalized.

In its fundamental concepts, it was devised by Philippe Starck, celebrated designer, and will be licensed out to various companies with the provision that it be consistently applied to products, as this one, of distinct quality that also inspire one with a sense of the Venetian heritage and its preservation.

In other words, not only the logo of Venice, but the logo FOR Venice

limited001Limited Collection n.001/300 pz

madeinitaly90  Materials, working, finishes

 100% Made in Italy

Checkers Prestige "City of Venice"                                                                                                 Portamemo/For business card

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CHECHERS - Technical features: *Brass pieces machined with chip removal (turned) *Covered with GOLD 24 kt and SILVER (Option Nikelmatt), *Box with logo covered in black fabric *Measures cm 21,5 x 16, *Size pieces mm 25x20,*Processes , materials and finishes are exclusively 100 % Made in Italy

Prezzo/Price Euro 280,00 

PORTAMEMO- For business cards - Technical features: *Brass , handcrafted by chip removal (milled) *Covered with GOLD 24 kt and SILVER (Option Bronze) *Assembled by hand with visible weldings *Processes , materials and finishes are exclusively 100 % Made in Italy

Prezzo/Price Euro 120,00

For info and/or Order  +39 3888061321 or mail

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