Classic Bianca nera NeraSpecchio

Version "Classic"                                                   Version "Black and white"                                         Version "Black and mirror"

AzzurraBianco NeraBlu Allogg

Version "White light blue"                                       Version "Black and blue"                                                Housing chess

DamaReg285145 Finture2

Checkers White Prestige Prezzo/Price Euro 220,00                                       Finisches

Some customization

Annalisa Papa Aziendale

Annalisa e Paolo - Gift for wedding                    The son for " To the best dad in the world"                   Business promotion 

scaccTarga    SchPersPesaro    PortamemoClub

The members of the club to the President                           Chessboard Milan Club Pesaro               Portamemo Milan Club Pesaro

PortamemoAziendale portachiaviSSiro portachiaviMeazza portachiaviAzienda2

Business promotion       Keychain customized Satin aluminum and anodized -Business promotion Made in Italy

Portagioie2 Portagioie3 Portagioie4

Porta Bijoux - See details at the side

Prezzo/Price Euro 80,00

All operations were performed by hand by Emmeci Sas at its headquarters in Cantù (Brianza) using system alone chip removal (turning milling) and high-quality materials , excluding all use of molds or forms.

The materials, the workmanship and finish are exclusively of Italian origin , in full respect of the total and 100 % Made in Italy.

For info and/or Order +39 3888061321 or mail


Technical features:

* Base game Cm 40x40

* Height King Cm 7

* Base Cm 46x46 Milled for housing Ches

* Base of game in solid Ash, (n.2) Crystals " Float Tempered " (Extrachiaro , 5 + 5 mm thick tempered) colors fused indelibly in the crystal  

* Pieces of brass work by chip removal ( turned and milled ) and covered with GOLD 24 kt and SILVER

* Signature pieces to guarantee product quality

* Box with logo covered in black fabric

* Possibility of applying personalized plate

* Opzion pieces in Nickelmatt

* Opzion wood in Noce Italiana

Made with artisan system - no use of molds or forms - machining, materials , finishes 100 % Made in Italy

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madeinitaly90  Materials, working, finishes

 100% Made in Italy

PORTAMEMO-For business cards

Technical features:

* Measures Cm 6x4x7

* Brass , handcrafted by chip removal (milled)

* Covered with GOLD 24 kt

* Assembled by hand with visible welding

* Processes , materials and finishes are exclusively 100 % Made in Italy

Porta Bijoux

Technical features:

* Size Diam. mm 95x40

* Aluminium , worked entirely by chip removal ( Turned ) from solid bar

* Glossy finish

* Processes , materials and finishes are exclusively 100 % Made in Italy

Checkers White Prestige

Technical features:

Brass pieces machined with chip removal (turned)

Covered with GOLD 24 kt and SILVER

Box covered in white fabric

Measures cm 21,5 x 16

Size pieces mm 25x20

* Processes , materials and finishes are exclusively 100 % Made in Italy


Technical features:

* Measures mm 60x30 sp 5

* Aluminum, totally worked by chip removal ( milled )

* Satin and anodized

* Processes , materials and finishes are exclusively 100 % Made in Italy